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Rural Republicans Destroy Themselves By Opposing Expanded Baby Tax Credit score


A brand new research reveals that rural pink states would profit most from extending the kid tax credit score by way of 2025, however Republicans oppose it.


A research of extending the expanded baby tax credit score by the Niskanen Center discovered:

  • Throughout the subsequent 12 months, we estimate that the CTC enlargement will increase client spending by $27 billion, generate $1.9 billion in revenues from state and native gross sales taxes, and assist over 500,000 thousand full time jobs on the median wage.

  • Extra populous states will, by nature, see a bigger whole profit from the CTC enlargement. Nonetheless, in relative phrases, the CTC enlargement gives bigger advantages to states with decrease common incomes and bigger common household sizes, serving to assist entry to community-based baby care.

Specifically, rural areas stand to profit from a considerable injection of relative buying energy equal to 1.35% of non-metro GDP.

9 Of The States That Would Profit The Most Are Pink States

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post wrote an ideal piece about how Republicans are scamming rural voters.

He additionally tweeted out the listing of the ten states that might profit most from the kid tax credit score plan. 9 of them are Republican:

Rural Republicans Select Financial Destruction Over Supporting A Democratic Coverage

Rural Republican voters won’t ever vote of their financial self-interest. Many liberals and progressives, most not too long ago Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate, believed the fallacy that they may get the assist of rural voters who vote Republicans if they may solely get them to grasp the advantages of their insurance policies.

It is going to by no means occur as a result of their occasion has offered rural Republicans a tradition warfare. It’s the godless cities versus the gorgeous American countryside that lives the way in which God and the Founding Fathers meant.

Rural America is economically destroying itself by preventing a legendary city/rural tradition warfare, so when Democrats suggest a coverage that might assist them, rural Republicans say no.